About Us

We are collecting and recycling all types of scraps such as copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, cables, wire ropes, metal plates, iron, rebars, zinc, lead, old machinery, motors, pumps, used forklifts, all old equipment and etc.

We are committed to save the environment by reducing the waste from going into landfills through better utilizing of our recycling and separation processes.

We value our customers and their service experience. Our company will offer our best competitive prices and service. We have excellent clientele from the marine, engineering, electrical, automobile, logistics, construction industry.

Our collection service are focus mainly from local suppliers. Our friendly and committed staffs will be able to give you an excellent customer service experience.

We hope that Soon Lee will be your most preferred vendor to purchase your metals / scraps at good and reasonable prices. Alternatively, you can contact us for Quotation Enquiries. We will be honored to be of service to you.