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In scrap copper singapore is recycled from processes of rolling, welding, boilermaking, drawing processes, stamping processes, die cutting processes, plumbing, electricity companies, telecommunications companies, remains from demolitions and demolitions.


Copper can be recycled in scrap yards or authorized waste managers. It can be purchased in different formats as described below. The price per kilo of copper depends on the stock market of metals, among other factors.


The final destination of copper recycling is its smelting in ovens. The material in liquid state will become new items.




Copper New, Copper Millberry

Origin: metal applied in electrical installations and telecommunications.

Copper wires new bright and without oxide, without alloy and without coatings.


It can not present tin, dyed, painted or blackening. Unused copper from cables of different thicknesses. Free of oils, fats or any other contamination, metallic or not. The material must be dry and free of radioactivity. The chemical composition must be exclusively copper.


If the material contained traces of iron, brass, lead, tin, aluminum, foam, rubber, plastics … would have a price commensurate with the amount of waste.



The copper is a transition metal and reddish metallic sheen, along with silver and gold are the best electrical conductors . Thanks to its high electrical conductivity, ductility and malleability, it is the most used material to manufacture electrical cables and other electrical and electronic components.


Scrap copper singapore forms alloys to improve mechanical performance and is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. With copper, a high amount of alloys can be made that generally have better mechanical properties, although they have a lower electrical conductivity. The most important are known as bronzes and brass.


Copper is a durable metal because it can be recycled an almost unlimited number of times without losing its mechanical properties. It has been one of the first metals to be used by man in prehistory and is currently the third most used metal in the world, behind steel and aluminum.


Pure copper has a very low elastic limit and a low hardness, but joined in alloy with other elements acquires mechanical characteristics much higher, although its conductivity decreases. There is a wide variety of copper alloys , whose compositions depend on the technical characteristics that are obtained, so they are used in many objects with very different technical applications. Copper is mainly alloyed with the following elements: Zn, Sn, Al, Ni, Be, Si, Cd, Cr and others in smaller quantity.


According to the purposes to which they are destined in the industry, they are classified in alloys for forging and in alloys for molding.



The price of copper, as well as the price of other metals, is listed on the stock exchange, specifically in the London Metal Exchange. The quoted price of copper serves as a reference in the used copper recycling market , but we must bear in mind that it is the price of new copper.


For the determination of the price of scrap copper singapore, for recovery or recycling, other factors also influence, such as the type of copper that we are going to recycle (tube, copper plate, Millberry copper, second copper, copper hose …). ), if it is clean or mixed with other metals or iron, the demand for copper at that time have the functions, … among other issues.


To know the price of scrap copper singapore today in Spain, do not hesitate to call us or send us an email and we will guide you. The final price of the scrap will be given to you in our facilities.  Recemsa examines, purchases and processes the copper guaranteeing its correct recycling and negotiating directly with the seller.



Whether considering the quantity or value of the metal used, the industrial use of copper is very high. It is an important material in many economic activities and has been considered a strategic resource in conflict situations.